Dear Friend and Customer,

Thank you for coming in for this estimate today. During this stressful time of estimate gathering, there are some facts you should know.

Some Insurance Companies will send you to a discount repair facility that saves them money at the expense of a quality repair for you. With shiny paint, it’s hard to notice inferior repairs. They show up later when you trade in your car or return the lease. By law, you have the right to choose your repair facility. Chaffey utilizes an independent third party to verify quality here and to train our technicians in the most recent repair procedures. We fix your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s guidelines to protect your warranty.

Leave your car here! Let Chaffey take care of your insurance problems. With discount programs, payment programs available, and even free loan cars available, we are sensitive to these difficult economic times.

Thank you for choosing Chaffey!

John Tarrant, President